Message to Barnsley Camp Participants

Dear parents/players 

I hope this finds you fit and well.

Thank you for your commitment and allowing us to further the development of your young soccer players.

What to expect from the upcoming camp?

Start time –  9 am

Finish time – 3 pm (parents do not need to stay with their children – but are more than welcome to watch the sessions.)

– Day 1 – Passing, Shooting and Running with the ball.

– Day 2 – Control, Defending and Agility & Balance.

– Day 3 – Possession, Close range finishing, Multi-directional movements with a ball.

Lunch will consist of video’s from the Barnsley FC academy program.

Every session will consist of an animated presentation, highlighting, aims and expectations from each topic.

At the end of the camp every player will receive a written evaluation, containing the evaluation criteria and each players scores. Also provided will be the coaching session that each player has taken part in.

Please bring –

Lunch and snacks

Water to last from 9 am to 3 pm


Correct clothing

Soccer cleats and slides/sneakers

Soccer ball

We look forward to seeing you at the fields, should you have any questions please email.

Kind regards 

Simon Collins                                   Mark Burton

Director Of Coaching                      Head of Coach Development

St Cloud Soccer Club                       Barnsley FC